TW announces The Future of Purpose in Amsterdam

Nathania and Acacia work with HP in Singapore

Google publish APAC search report with TW

Market Logic publish Trends for 2020 with TW

Singapore office releases Asian trends for 2020

TW publish year-end wrap

TW announces 2020 event schedule

Livia and Max head to Ecuador for Reinvention

Market Logic publish sustainable insights from Livia

Delia speaks at the BrandFestival in Budapest

2020 events close in Bangkok and Bangalore

Market Logic publish automotive insights from Delia

TW featured in the FT for House & Home

TW offices close for Global #ClimateStrike

David and Vicki speak at NEXT in Hamburg

DX report published in partnership with Tofugear

The Trends for 2020 kicks off in Sydney

David speaks at TEDxBucharest

Delia and Vicki head to Stabio, Switzerland for VF

Acacia heads to Shanghai for Adidas

Spotter meetings take place in Accra and HK

David heads to Paris, France for URW

Max speaks for Mastercard in Charlotte

The FoE takes place in Amsterdam

Innovation of the Day now on WhatsApp!

Nia speaks for Startwest in Melbourne

Lisa and Max visit Dickies in New Hampshire

David speaks at Confinn in Riga and Vilnius

David interview on #TalkingTransformation OUT

Nathania speaks at innovation summit in Jakarta

David speaks at GRIF in Amsterdam

Acacia heads to Bangkok for TDI workshop

APAC spotters meet in Singapore

Henry heads to San Francisco for HP

Henry opens Creative Village in Amsterdam

Max appears on Magnani's Brilliant podcast

David and Vicki head to Amsterdam for Heineken

David heads to Kitzbühel, Austria for Mastercard

TW head to Hampshire, UK for annual team week

African spotters meet in Lagos, Nigeria

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